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The Many Faces of Dermal Fillers

When most people think about dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm or Teosyal, they think about making lips “plumper,” or creating fuller rounder cheeks.  The first uses of these naturally occurring biological substances were, in fact, successful at attaining these results.  They remain popular today because they work—producing effective and predictable results.

Improvements in techniques along with consumer demand led to the use of these “smoothing” substances in more obvious and less forgiving locations, such as in facial folds, wrinkles and even in fine lines.  Whereas the exact contour of fillers placed in deep locations such as the lip and cheek were more or less hidden by the overlying tissue, fillers injected into more superficial locations, such as a facial line or fold, could be seen more clearly, often producing an unpleasant and artificial outcome.  Successful results in these areas require a more skillful and measured approach.  

The power of dermal fillers became more clear as techniques expanded to not just change facial contour or to fill lines, but to effect a change in facial expression.  Traditionally, changes in facial expression had only been in the realm of the neuromuscular modulators, such as Botox or Nuceiva, as they targeted the muscles of facial expression.  By relaxing muscles such as the procerus, which pulls the eyebrow down, these substances could produce a refreshed, less tired appearance by allowing the inner eyebrow to elevate slightly, thus “opening-up” the eye.  Likewise, injections into the depressor anguli oris could help eliminate a down-turning of the corners of the mouth, which is associated with a scowl or a displeased or even angry expression.  Now, with advancing techniques, dermal fillers are being used to elevate the corners of the mouth due to the addition of bulk which lengthens the lower lip and “pushes” the corners of the mouth upward.  

As techniques improve and patient demand continues there will be continued interest and new uses for fillers.  Fairview Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Centre is one of the only Clinics in B.C. to offer the “G-shot”—an enhancement of the female G-spot which results in heightened erogenous sensation.  This highly specialized technique was developed by Beverley Hills’ Dr. David Matlock.  Men, too, are benefiting from new and innovative uses of these fillers in the realm of genital enhancement.

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