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Taking Care of your Skin during the Winter Holidays

The seasons can bring big changes to your skin.

Winter can be especially rough on your skin. The cold environment can be harsh if you are prone to dry or flaky skin.

A different caring regime during the cold winter months is needed to keep your skin moisturized. You’ll find tips in this article to keep your skin healthy during the winter months if you suffer from dry skin.

How to keep your skin healthy in the winter

Wash your face
Use a gentle exfoliator and remove makeup from your face before bedtime.

Help your skin work as a natural barrier to the cold by moisturizing. Apply moisturizer to your face and body. Using a good hand moisturizer is important as the hands can be primarily affected by the cold.

Sunscreen to protect your skin
Just because the intense sun may be hiding in the winter, doesn’t mean that you can stop protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. These UV rays can worsen any inflammation on the skin and make the skin more sensitive. An easy way to apply sunscreen to your face and neck is by using skin care products or face makeup with sun block.

Winter holidays on the ski hill or on the beach

Escaping the daily grind during the winter holidays? Many people plan to take a few days on the ski hill or travel to a sun destination for the holidays. Remember to pack the appropriate high level SPF sunscreen and to reapply often.

Dry Skin

Skin is our largest organ. It’s the first point of contact with various temperatures, chemicals, soaps, and humidity.

When humidity levels fall in the winter, it can leave our skin feeling drier than normal.  Dry skin commonly affects women and the elderly in the legs, back, stomach, waist, arm and hands.

Think twice before jumping in a hot tub this winter

A natural moisture barrier by lipids exists in your skin. This natural barrier can become damaged due to genetic factors and age.

It may be tempting to jump into a hot tub in the middle of winter, but the hot water can cause further dehydration in your skin. When this barrier of lipids breaks, it creates microscopic cracks that lets moisture out – leading to dry and flaky skin.

You may be suffering from dry skin if your skin is red, feels rough, flaky or scaly. The skin may be uneven and develop cracks. These cracks can form fissures in the skin and may lead to bleeding. Infections and additional skin problems can develop from the wounds.

What can be making your dry skin worse?

  • Air conditioning – The use of air conditioners remove moisture from the air. If you live in a hot climate that makes constant use of air conditioners – using an air humidifier may help.
  • Hot baths and showers – Hot water can further dehydrate your skin. Try taking cooler and quicker showers.
  • Rough fabrics – rough fabrics may be irritating your skin. Avoid the use of fabric softener and other chemicals on clothing. Your best bet is to use natural fibre clothing that is free of fragrances or dyes.

How we can help:

If you suffer from dry skin, skin care experts at Fairview Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Centre can recommend certain products and skin treatments suited to your skin condition.

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