Nipple and Areola Corrective Breast Surgery

Many women are bothered by the presence of large nipples. This is sometimes caused by breastfeeding, but it can also be genetic. In any case, the nipple can be reduced such that the projection is lessened or the bulk is minimized.

Inverted nipples are a problem for many women.  The ducts that transfer milk to the nipple become tethered within the breast.  Unfortunately, this leads to pulling in of the nipple as the duct moves deeper.  Cutting the duct is not recommended as this will prevent your ability to breast feed from that nipple. Instead, the surrounding tissue is released which makes it easier to pull the nipple out. The nipple is then held in place with a traction device or with a skin procedure utilizing an invisible permanent stitch.

Uneven or large areolae concern some women. Sometimes the areola stretches over time or naturally appears out of harmony with the rest of the breast mound. Fortunately there are fairly simple solutions to correct these issues.

All of these procedures are easily performed under local anesthesia and usually take less than an hour.

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