Rhinoplasty (Nose/Nasal Surgery) in Vancouver

Do you feel that your nose is out of balance with the rest of your face?

Does your nose have a “hump,” or a bulbous tip?

Has an accident changed its shape?

Do you have difficulty breathing through one or both sides of your nose?

“Rhinoplasty” is a plastic surgery procedure which alters the size, shape and/or curvature of the nose. Although it has actually been done for centuries, there have been significant improvements in methods during the last few decades. Our patients often speak about feeling much better about themselves after rhinoplasty. They have an improved self-image and more self-confidence when their nose is brought into harmony with the rest of their face.

Each person considering nose surgery has different ideas about what alterations will help them achieve their desired outcome. There are many different ways to achieve change in a person’s nose, and often the best results are achieved with a series of smaller, subtle changes as opposed to one dramatic or overly conspicuous change. During your consultation the Doctor will review your individual goals and thoroughly explain what is involved in the surgery and what to expect afterwards.

For a couple of weeks after nose surgery, you will have swelling and bruising and may want to be off work for the same period. You may have packing placed inside your nose which will be removed on the 2nd postoperative day, and/or you may have a rigid splint placed to cover and protect your nose for about one week. You will be able to see the almost-final shape within 6 weeks, but some subtle refinements will continue to evolve for 6 – 8 months.

Cosmetic nose surgery is real surgery. Before you decide, it’s important to learn about any possible complications, even though they are rare. These will be fully explained to you during your private consultation. At that time, you will have an opportunity for a careful and complete discussion of your options and what is involved. You will benefit from asking all your questions and browsing through our photographs.

Before and After Photos.
We have before and after photos in our office and are available for viewing before of your consultation. All current Before and After Gallery photos are of our patients who have given their permission for their use. All other photos on this website are models, and the photos in the laser sections are provided by the manufacturer.

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