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Brow Lift Surgery in Vancouver

Do you feel your eyebrows are drooping?

Are you developing horizontal lines across your forehead?

As we age, our eyebrows can descend lower and lower.  As this occurs, upper eyelid skin (which can also be loose and excessive) descends with the brow causing hooding of the upper eyelid and an overall tired or aged appearance. At its worst, it can interfere with vision.  Without even thinking about it, we attempt to correct the problem by increasing the tone in our forehead muscles which does indeed raise the eyebrows, but unfortunately, also causes horizontal wrinkles (rhytids) on the forehead. Fairview Plastic Surgery clinic in Vancouver offers cosmetic brow lift surgery procedures to restore a youthful you.

Brow lift surgery can correct the descent of your eyebrows by repositioning them a few millimeters higher. Often, an upper eyelid “tuck,” or blepharoplasty is performed at the same time. There are several ways the brow can be lifted, including suture suspension techniques, incisions either at the hairline or back within the scalp hair, or the use of endoscopic techniques. The advantages and disadvantages of each technique will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Brow lift surgery is real surgery. Before you decide, it’s important to learn about any possible complications, even though they are rare. These will be fully explained to you during your private consultation with our Doctor. At that time, you will have an opportunity for a careful and complete discussion of your options and what is involved. You will benefit from asking all your questions and browsing through our photographs.

Before and After Photos.
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