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Buttock Implants – What you need to know about the rise of the derriere

It’s no question that the media’s current obsession with a curvier derriere has more women thinking about buttock augmentation procedures.

Over the past 10 years, buttock augmentation has become increasingly popular. This procedure reshapes and enhances the gluteal area for an uplifted and youthful buttock profile. Buttock implants can be for women and men who wish to have a different physique.

Men looking to enhance the shape of the buttocks may look at augmentation with male buttock implants. Women who are unhappy with their size or who want an “hour glass” figure may benefit from female buttock implants. For women who desire a more rounded buttocks, fat grafting may be appropriate while implants could work well if you are thin with little excess fat.

When to consider a buttock augmentation:

You may be considering a buttock augmentation for the following reasons:

  • You desire a more balanced look if your buttocks are too small for your body frame.
  • Weight loss or aging has left your buttcoks sagging or flat.
  • If your buttock shape is too flat or square and you would like more curves and a more youthful appearance.
  • You would like to fill out your clothes more fully.

Buttock implants

For patients that have limited fatty tissue, flat or poorly defined buttocks, implants may be the most appropriate form of augmentation. Alternate procedures such as buttocks or thigh “lifts” may be more effective to treat sagging buttocks after significant weight loss.

During the procedure, a soft and shaped silicone implant is placed through an incision in the buttock crease. The implant is positioned above or below the large gluteal muscle and a compression garment is worn after surgery.

You Should Know

Several patients mention that they feel more confident after the buttock augmentation procedure. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when considering buttock implants.

Within a few days after the procedure, you’ll likely be able to return to low-key work.

However, there is some time – about three months – before you really feel the implants are a part of you.

Complications or changes in shape may occur after the surgery. It is possible for implants to slip postoperatively causing asymmetry. If this occurs, additional surgery may be required to correct the problem.

To maintain the improved shape and contour of your buttocks, you should make necessary lifestyle changes such as following an exercise regimen and a healthy diet to maintain the appearance of your new shape. Under normal circumstances, the results of the buttock implant surgery will be long-lasting.

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