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Breast Implants – Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Large breasts are known to be the culprits of serious back pain and wardrobe inconveniences.

Why are women still opting for larger breast implant sizes?

Celebrities such as Pamela Anderson have immortalized the popularity of large breast implant look.

You may be wondering why doctors don’t always encourage patients to go bigger with their implant size choice. Over the last few years, plastic surgeons have been concentrating on techniques to reduce the need for revision surgery to correct the damages of overly large implants.

In this article, we’ll review the cons of large breast implants and why bigger isn’t always better.

The Cons of Large Breast Implants:

  • Physical consequences: Unwanted physical consequences such as sagging can occur with implant descent, an increase of stretch marks, thinning of skin, and breast gland atrophy (shrinkage). Large breast implants can lead to an increased risk of stretch marks in the skin especially during a primary augmentation – the first breast augmentation procedure on a patient. This includes cracking of the skin or scarring around the areola. The space between the breasts can also widen when large implants slide out to the side of the chest, widening the cleavage.
  • Revision surgery: Large implants can increase the risk for complication rates, implant rippling, and capsular contracture. Additional surgery may be needed to correct an over-endowment in implant size. Starting with a large breast implant during a primary surgery can also increase complications and the complexity of a future surgery if a smaller breast implant is desired in the future.
  • Psychological problems: Many people with large implants suffer from unwanted attention. A large chest can also interfere with daily activities, physical work-outs, and limit your wardrobe collection.

Limiting factors for the size of breast implants:

Implant size is very individualized. Talking to your friends or searching the internet for your perfect breast implant size isn’t going to be very helpful.

Plastic surgeons take a bio-dimensional approach to making breast implant size recommendations. This includes taking measurements of the chest wall size, thickness of breast tissue, and measuring the quality of your skin.

Notes are taken on the following to find out what size implant will look natural for your body:

  • skin elasticity and amount of body tissue
  • position of the breast on the chest wall
  • height and weight
  • bone structure

It’s better to spend time understanding why bigger isn’t always better than to choose implants that may be too large and will need a revision surgery in the near future.

Before you think about your breast implant size

An individualized approach for each person looking for a breast augmentation procedure is needed. At Fairview Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bowman will take the time with you to recommend a size that will best suit your shape and lifestyle.

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