Would you like to reduce or remove facial lines and wrinkles?

Do you feel that a loss of facial volume or hollowing has caused sagging skin, jowls or deep lines?

Are you interested in having fuller lips? 

Do you have acne scars or very large pores that you’d like reduced?


Contact us for a complimentary consultation with one of Canada’s most skilled and experienced nurse injectors, Daniela Pinca.  After many years as a highly respected professional aesthetics nurse specialist and over 30,000 injectable treatments, Daniela is distinctly qualified to advise which treatment, or combination of treatments, is best suited to your individual needs.

Daniela Pinca, R.N. CIDESCO-trained esthetician, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in treating a variety of cosmetic situations using aesthetic injectables such as:

and specialized procedures such as:



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Contact us today to book a consultation or to get more information. We'll be happy to answer some preliminary questions or arrange an appointment for you.