The ‘Gummy Bear’ Implant – What you need to know about anatomical breast implants

There’s a gummy bear in the surgical room.

The ‘Gummy Bear’ implant it’s – a cute moniker for the latest generation of highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants. These implants also go by the name of cohesive gel, anatomic, or ‘tear drop’ shape implants.

If you are looking for a beautiful, aesthetic and natural shaped breast augmentation, the ‘gummy bear’ implant could be for you.

While the round shape implants have been around since the 1960s, these newer ‘gummy bear’ implants have been gracing breasts in Canada for the last 15 years. They are the newest generation of breast implants filled with a semisolid silicone material allowing them to maintain
their ‘tear drop’ shape and integrity.

If you’ve scoured the internet for information on breast implants, you may have come across some controversy surrounding the ‘shaped’ vs. ‘round’ implant debate.

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of the ‘gummy bear’ implant…

Natural Breast Shape:

Are natural looking breasts important to you? The ‘tear drop’ shape of ‘gummy bear’ implants allows for a natural slope and more fullness in the lower breast (this is more like what you see in natural breasts). You’ll be less likely to see the unnatural upper breast fullness that some women find with the ‘round’ implants. This is the major advantage of the ‘gummy bear’ implant for
most women who desire a natural-looking breast augmentation.

Hold their Shape:

Looking for a proportionate breast augmentation? The ‘gummy bear’ implants are cohesive and “form stable”. This means that they are designed to focus on proportion and dimension rather than volume. They will hold their shape in all positions even when you are lying down. The implant tends to “shape the breast” as opposed to the breast shaping the implant as is true for less cohesive implants.

Less Rippling and Folds:

No one is a fan of wrinkles or folds and especially not in breast implants. For women that are at high risk for (or have already had) problems with visible wrinkles or folds, these ‘gummy bear’ implants may be the key as they wrinkle and fold less than any other implant.

Specific Circumstances:

For women who have lost their breast to cancer, this implant can provide the shape that is required to replace the breast almost perfectly. Also, for a condition known as “constricted breasts” where there is a tightness in the lower half of the breast due to relative lack of skin, an
anatomic implant will help stretch the skin for a more natural breast shape.

Is the ‘gummy bear’ implant right for me?

This is a question to discuss with your plastic surgeon. While there are many advantages to the ‘gummy bear’ implant, it is more expensive than the basic round implant and usually chosen for specific reasons.

Also, a slightly larger incision is needed to place these implants. Insertion of the implant is usually done through an incision in the fold under the breast or through an incision around the areola. These ‘gummy bear’ implants are hard to insert through an armpit incision.

Implant rotation is also a slight risk factor should this happen, corrective surgery would be needed.

If you are looking for a aesthetically pleasing breast implant option the ‘gummy bear’ implant could be for you and may be worth discussing with your plastic surgeon.

Keep in mind that no single implant can be crowned “the best.” During a consultation and physical examination, we will discuss a sound surgical plan for achieving the aesthetic look that is right for you.

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Dr. Bowman

About Fairview Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Centre: Dr. Cameron Bowman is a fully trained aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon. His practice is located at Suite 480 – 999 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z1K5. Contact him at 604.734.1416 or

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